This Program Is For You If...

  • You're tired of constantly stressing over food and what to eat.

  • Are always starting a new diet and are stuck in the all or nothing mindset.

  • Want to transform your relationship with food so there's no more guilt OR stress.

  • Want to learn to listen to your body to know when, how much and what to eat.

  • Feel confused about what to eat and want to learn to make balanced meals.

  • Feel like you're either being "good" or "bad" with food.

  • Are looking to add more variety to your diet.

Are you ready to stop stressing, overthinking and feeling confused about food/nutrition? Let's get out of the all or nothing thinking and make food enjoyable - free of diets, guilt, or shame.

The Structure

We will work through 3 critical phases together in order to get out of the all or nothing mindset and transform your relationship with food

  • Phase 1: Mindset

    Unlearn what you've been taught and told for so long, which has kept you in this all or nothing mindset. Become an empowered eater with no food rules and no guilt!

  • Phase 2: Nutrition by Addition

    Learn to think about addition, NOT restriction. Start building balanced, nourishing meals that include all of your favorite foods. Know WHEN to eat, WHAT to eat and so much more!

  • Phase 3: Plan and Prep

    Food and nutrition don't have to be challenging or stressful. Learn not only how to plan for busy weeks ahead, grocery shopping lists, meal prepping hacks, etc., but also how to plan for LIFE (going out for dinner, on vacation, and everything in between).

Client Testimonial


Before the Non-Diet Collective food felt stressful and I was always so uncertain about what I should be eating. Not eating enough throughout the day and restricting myself which led me to binge eating and feeling really bad about myself and body. ​Now, I feel more confident in my food choices. I don't feel stressed when going out to eat. Mentally, I feel stronger and food doesn't seem like a burden anymore! Thank you so much Chelsea for all your support throughout the entire program. You have helped me in so many ways and worked with me to overcome certain food struggles. You were always there to listen to me and encourage me and I never once felt judged. I truly am grateful to have met you and I'm glad I had the opportunity to be part of the non-diet collective group!

Client Testimonial


I joined the Non-Diet Collective to be part of a community that is likeminded and looking to improve their relationship with food. And I can say that the support and accountability of the community helped me the most. I learned so much throughout the program, but one thing that really helped was understanding the different types of hunger. This was really eye opening for me and took pressure/weight off my shoulders when I would sometimes eat out of convenience sake (i.e going into a long work meeting and knowing I wouldn't get a break). Understanding these types of hunger has helped me feel less "bad" or "judgmental" about my eating habits. I was shocked to find out that naturally my body wants the more nutritiously dense options when you're in the habit of eating them. Cravings become less intense, and when they come, I can attend to them more kindly. Before the Non-Diet Collective my relationship with food was challenging. I was constantly having an inner dialogue about whether I'm making the best choices for myself. Now, I feel more free about my food choices, and speak much more kindly to myself about them. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their relationship with food, wants to understand your body more and just wants to FEEL GOOD!

Client Testimonial


After the non-diet collective I am always thinking of ways to make a meal more nutritious without boredom. I throw veggies in pasta (something I rarely did). I care a lot less about calories now, and more about nutrient density. I don't see a plate of food and think "this has about 700 calories". I see a plate of food and think "this has a lot of vitamin c, iron, healthy fats, protein, etc''. Before the program food was stressful. There was constant pressure to "be healthy" or balls-to-the-wall unhealthy junk. There wasn't much grey area. Always thinking of macros and calories. I leaned towards sugar free or fat free or "light" to be "healthier" and picking out lunches was EXHAUSTING. Now, there is way less pressure. There is a lot of grey area. It doesn't have to be all or none. The program was the perfect amount of time commitment each week; completely doable and low maintenance. I appreciated the payment plan, the separation of tasks each week, the group chat, and the weekly call.

Meet your Instructor

Chelsea Golub, MS, RDN, CDN

Chelsea Golub

Hello! I'm Chelsea, a non-diet Registered Dietitian and I've been in your shoes. Constantly stressed about what to eat, feeling like I have to track everything, eating "clean" during the week and feeling out of control over the weekend. I spent years in this cycle before I became an RD and found a proven process that actually works. It's by using this process that I have helped close to 100 people get out of the all or nothing thinking around food and nutrition and finally transform their relationships with food. Let's work on taking the pressure off of food together, because after all, food should be enjoyable, not stressful. I am passionate about helping my clients learn that food can be easy! Learn to listen to your body, create balanced meals that are nourishing and satisfying, free yourself of the stress/guilt that you feel now with food and find the freedom you've been looking for!


  • How long is the program and what is the time commitment?

    The program is 12 weeks (3 months) with weekly, 60 minute LIVE zoom coaching calls. The calls will be recorded in case you have to miss any. In addition to the weekly calls, there will be about 15-20 minutes worth of videos and handouts to look through between calls.

  • When will this round start?

    This round will start the beginning of February!

  • Are there payment plan options for The Non-Diet Collective?

    Yes! There are 3 payment options available for the investment in the course. They are: pay in full, 3 monthly payments and 5 monthly payments. Financial obstacles should never be something that keeps you from changing your life!

  • What kind of support will I get in the program?

    There are SO MANY forms of support in this program in addition of the 1 hour weekly zoom group coaching call where each person gets personalized coaching. You'll get a new module each week with journal prompts, supportive resources, and check-ins. There will also be a private messaging group with constant support from me and the community.